Romania: Motion of Censure against the Government to be read in Parliament shortly

Romania: Motion of Censure against the Government to be read in Parliament shortly

PSD appears to have secured the necessary majority

A motion of censure against the Orban administration which is being accused of violating democratic institutions by reinstating the election of mayors in two rounds, will be read out today in the Romanian Parliament.

Marcel Ciolacu, transitional chairman of PSD – who tabled the proposal along with UDMR – said on Friday night that “in numbers” he had 232 votes and that anyone who voted against the motion or was unjustifiably absent from the voting process would not be included ever again in the party’s nomination lists in the elections. He also clarified that Teodor Meleșcanu’s Forța Națională party also supported the motion of censure.

But it was only recently announced that MP Georgian Pop, who left the Pro România party last year after backing the Orban government, was returning to PSD – with which he was elected. The statement was reported by

Mr. Pop said he had left PSD because of a personal conflict with the then party leader, Liviu Dragnea, adding that he had never attacked PSD and that “he is a longtime friend of Marcel Ciolacu, whom he trusts to reshape the left wing, as Romanian society needs a reformed and strong left party”.

Mr. Pop will be the one to secure the 233rd vote required by the anti-government coalition to overthrow the Government.

According to, Corina Bogaciu just returned from Pro Romania to PSD’s Parliamentary Group, which now comprises 200 MPs and senators.

Before the two men’s actions were announced, Prime Minister Ludovic Orban had said he was not afraid of the motion of non-confidence and that he was aiming to win the elections whenever and wherever they took place.

The leader of PNL’s Parliamentary Group Florin Roman said in a press release on Sunday that all PNL MPs and senators would be present at the vote and would be voting responsibly against the motion.

Yesterday, the PNL National Council met, during which the Liberal Social Movement’s Protocol on Party Integration was voted, where former Pro România MPs who supported the Orban government are represented, including Daniel Constantin and Sorin Cîmpean, who will be taking leadership positions within PNL, according to Ludovic Orban.

In the opposite corner, PSD sources told STIRIPESURSE.RO that the party had not announced a date for its Congress, pending the outcome of the motion. In the event the Orban government fell and the early elections scenario prevailed, the new political reality was likely to speed up the fight for leadership within the Social Democratic Party as well.

“If municipal and parliamentary elections are held at the same time, the PSD leadership for the next four years will be at stake”, sources from within the party’s leadership note. “Nobody will wait until next year to get the actual PSD leadership”, they added. (PSD has decided to hold a new Congress after the parliamentary elections at the end of 2020).

In discussions between them, however, leaders have said that the group elected at the party conference scheduled for this month would be “transitional” until the next Congress in 2021, where someone preferably with a profile capable of winning the Presidency would be elected.

Should early elections be called, the PSD Congress could be postponed for the summer.

Finally, Teodor Meleşcanu is expected to resign today from the Senate presidency following a Constitutional Court ruling that he ruled unconstitutional. 33 senators from ALDE, PNL, PMP, UDMR and independent parties appealed against the election of Meleșcanu on September 10, 2019, in the Senate presidency, on the proposal of PSD, although back then he was not part of the PSD Parliamentary Group.

It is recalled that ALDE, the party to which Teodor Meleșcanu belonged, had its own candidate for the same post.

Following his election to the presidency of the Senate with the support of PSD, the former Foreign Minister was expelled from ALDE and was subsequently “attached” to the PSD Parliamentary Group, but this did not affect the judgment of the Constitutional Court judges.

The battle for the Senate presidency will feature PNL, which backs Alina Gorghiu, and PSD, which endorses Senate Vice President Titus Corlăţean.

All evidence points towards Titus Corlăţean taking up the post of transitional body president, since PSD has the necessary majority to impose his nomination. /ibna