Romania to host regional cyber security summit

Romania to host regional cyber security summit

Bucharest, April 7, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Daniel Stroe

Romania will organize, in cooperation with the U.S. Department for Commerce and another 17 countries in the region, a regional summit on cyber security in Bucharest, Information Minister, Sorin Grindeanu (photo), told the audience of the conference “Mobile Innovation 2015”.

“Over 11 – 13 May, together with the U.S. Department for Commerce, the U.S. Embassy and another 17 EU, non-EU, NATO or non-NATO countries in the region, we will organize in Bucharest a regional summit on cyber security where the U.S. Deputy Secretary of Commerce will also be present. The Prime Minister extended invitations to his 17 counterparts in the respective countries, I did the same as regards my own counterparts, the National Cyber Incidents Response Center – CERT and all the other institutions also invited their peers,” said Grindeanu, as quoted by state news wire Agerpres.

CERT-RO is an expertise, research and development independent agency for the protection of cyber infrastructures, tasked with preventing, analyzing, identifying and reacting to cyber security incidents affecting computer systems that provide public utility functionalities or information society services. Grindeanu said that last year CERT-RO has processed over 78 million alerts.

The minister’s announcement came as the government in Bucharest passed a National Strategy on the 2020 Digital Agenda for Romania.

“The document takes over the Digital Agenda for Europe, one of seven pilot initiatives of the Europa 2020 Strategy, and adapts it to the situation in Romania. (…) A full implementation of a strategic vision over Romania’s information and communications technologies (IT&C) sector will lead to total investments of nearly 2.4 billion euros. Direct and indirect impact on the economy could be translated into a 13-per-cent rise in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), an 11-per-cent increase in employment and a 12-per-cent cut in the administration costs in 2014-2020”, read a press release today.

The strategy defines four action fields, with the first of them being e-Governance, inter-operability, cyber-security, cloud computing and social media, an area thought to improve public sector efficiency and cut its costs by a modernized administration. The second area under the National Strategy for the 2020 Digital Agenda for Romania is IT&C for education, culture and healthcare, where support for such technologies is provided at sectorial levels.

Another area under the same strategy is IT&C in e-commerce as well as research and development in the IT&C sector to capitalize on the competitive edges of Romania in the region, while supporting economic growth in the private sector. The strategy also covers social inclusion, namely broadband and digital infrastructure services.

The strategy also sets Romania reaching some indicators, including at least 35 per cent of its citizens using e-governance systems; at least 60 per cent of Romanians using the Internet regularly; at least 30 per cent of them trading on line; at least 80 per cent coverage of the country under broadband communications networks, with speed exceeding 30 Mbps.