Romania scores highest COVID-19 death rate in the EU

Romania scores highest COVID-19 death rate in the EU

The Strategic Planning Team announced that the total number of coronavirus cases in Romania has reached 91,256. In the last 24 hours, another 1,365 new cases were recorded, after 23,973 tests. Of these, 197 were located in the capital city of Bucharest.

Negative record

Romania has the highest rate of COVID-19 deaths in the European Union: 3.1 per 100,000 inhabitants, according to a report by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). The report presents the situation that has developed in the last two weeks, although Romanian representative in the WHO Alexandru Rafila states that his country has been in the first place for about a month and a half.

Alexandru Rafila expressed his concern especially since, as he stated, Bulgaria, which ranks second, is far behind Romania: 1.5 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants. They are followed by countries with one death per 100,000 inhabitants or with a much lower index. This fact shows that the cases of coronavirus in Romania during this period concern, to a large percentage, people with underlying diseases, who are more seriously ill, have complications and unfortunately some lose their lives. “It is an indicator of the health system’s ability to deal with coronavirus outbreaks in an EU country. We can do it”, Rafila said, “but not successfully.”

Yesterday, the ECDC director said that the number of new cases of coronavirus in Europe reached the levels of last March, when the epidemic entered the phase of take-off, arguing that the opening of schools does not necessarily involve new risks, Reuters reports. /ibna