Romania: Electoral campaign for local elections kicks off

Romania: Electoral campaign for local elections kicks off

Starting today until September 26, the election campaign for the eighth local elections since 1989 kicks off. Hundreds of thousands of candidates have registered for more than 43,000 positions of local councilors, council presidents and mayors.

Dozens of candidates from all political wings have registered for the posts of mayors of major cities, which constitute the biggest stakes in this year’s municipal elections. The representatives of PNL, PSD and USR-PLUS remain favorites in the largest Municipalities.

Emil Boc is the liberal candidate for a third term as mayor of Cluj-Napoca, having received almost 65% of the votes in the last election. USR-PLUS MP Emanuel Ungureanu and Valentin Cuibus of the PSD are his main opponents.

For the Municipality of Timisoara, there are 15 candidates running, including Liberal incumbent mayor Nicolae Robu, who is running for a third term. A German citizen who settled in Romania in 2003, Dominic Fritz, is a candidate for USR-PLUS, while the PSD is represented by Voichiţa Lăzureanu, former director of the Victor Babes Infectious Diseases Hospital.

In Constanţa, PNL spokesman Senator Vergil Chițac, former rector of the Mircea cel Bătrân Naval Academy, and outgoing mayor Decebal Făgădău stand side by side with voters’ preferences.

At Iasi town hall, outgoing mayor Mihai Chirica is running for a new term, this time for the PNL, which he joined in March, following his ouster from the PSD. His main opponent is USR-PLUS Senator Cosette Chichirău. /ibna