Romania elections: PSD has clear lead, with PNL and USR PLUS following – update

Romania elections: PSD has clear lead, with PNL and USR PLUS following – update

Elections for the new members of the two houses of Parliament were held on Sunday in Romania. The fact that they were held under pandemic conditions resulted in the lowest turnout of all time. The elections started yesterday, in the diaspora and due to the time difference they will end Monday. Some issues emerged with the letter vote, which is being investigated.

The “surprise” of the exit polls is the emerging entry of the anti-European far-right AUR party into both Parliament and the Senate.

However, as Prime Minister Ludovic Orban pointed out in the first statements, the count has not been completed, and the margin of error must be taken into account.

According to the exit poll of CURS AVANGARDE on behalf of the TV Station ANTENA3, with data collected until 19.30, which were published at 21.00, on the website Digi24, and do not include the diaspora, the Social Democratic Party (PSD) emerged as the first party.

The results of the House of Representatives:

PSD 30.5%

PNL 29%

USR PLUS 15.9%

UDMR 5.7%

AUR 5.2%

PMP 5%


PER 1.2%

PPUSL 1.1%

Other parties 1.4

For the Senate:

PSD 30.6%

PNL 29.1%

USR-PLUS 16.4%

UDMR 5.7%


PMP 5%

AUR 5.3%

PER 1.1%



Romania: Clear lead for PSD, with PNL and USR PLUS following

According to the Central Election Office (BEC) after counting more than 95 percent of the vote, or more than 5 million votes, the PSD is in the lead, followed by the PNL and the USR-PLUS. The big surprise, however, is the percentage achieved by AUR, an almost unknown formation.

The results of the House of Representatives so far:

PSD – 29.8%

PNL – 25.11%

USR PLUS – 14.5%

UDMR – 6%

AUR – 8.7%

PMP – 4.6%

Pro Romania – 4.1%

PER – 1.1%.

The results for the Senate so far:

PSD – 30, 2%

PNL – 25.5%

USR PLUS – 15%

UDMR – 6.2%

AUR – 8.8%

PMP – 4.8%

Pro Romania -4.2%

PER -1.3%/ibna