Romania: Cioloş sets out the list of his government’s ministerial candidates

Romania: Cioloş sets out the list of his government’s ministerial candidates

The Prime Minister-designate Dacian Cioloş has submitted to Parliament the list of his government’s ministerial candidates and the governance programme.

The Cioloş Government:

Prime Minister – Dacian Cioloș

Minister of Finance – Dragoș Pîslaru

Minister of the Interior – Alin Stoica

Minister of Foreign Affairs – Dan Barna

Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development – George Cățean

Minister for the Environment, Water and Forests – Mihai Goțiu

Ministry of Justice – Stelian Ion

Ministry of National Defence – Nicu Fălcoi

Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Tourism – Claudiu Năsui

Ministry of European Investment and Projects – Cristian Ghinea

Ministry of Development, Public Works and Administration – Ionuț Moșteanu

Ministry of Energy – Cristina Prună

Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure – Cătălin Drulă

Ministry of Labour and Social Protection – Oana Țoiu

Ministry of Health – Ioana Mihăilă

Ministry of Culture – Iulia Popovici

Ministry of Youth and Sports – Tudor Pop

Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitisation – Monica Berescu

Ministry of Education – Korina Atanasiu

According to the procedure, the Presidencies of the Parliament will meet to set the date of the plenary session, within a maximum of 15 days from the submission of the programme and the list. Each minister-designate will undergo a hearing at a joint meeting of the relevant standing committees of the two chambers, after which an opinion will be issued. Ciolos’ proposed government is unlikely to get the 234 votes needed.

PSD president Marcel Ciolacu said the government proposed by Dacian Cioloș has no chance of being approved by parliament and accused him of irresponsibility “for prolonging the crisis in the midst of a health disaster”. One wasted week = 2,000 deaths: that’s what Cioloș’s ambition to propose a rough sketch of a government with zero chance of passing through Parliament means! (…) Alliances form and fall apart, the economy can be repaired but the lost lives no one can bring back!”, Marcel Ciolacu wrote on Facebook today.

The paid reply came from Liviu Dragnea, who asked him why he did not seem responsible. If he brought down the government, he said, why didn’t he nominate a Prime Minister, since they are the biggest party?/ibna