Romania and the most legislative changes

Romania and the most legislative changes

It is indeed the country of the wider region in which it belongs which, in the past four years, has approved of the most legislative changes.

“Romania thus leads the way in terms of the volume of legislation passed for the fourth year in the row, being followed by Poland and Hungary. All three countries exceeded the 200-act milestone”, reads Romania Insider.

These are the findings of the Grayling AcTrend 2017 report on legislative changes across Central and Eastern Europe.

Other countries with as well high a number of similar changes are the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Bulgaria. According to data, in the first two countries, the number of acts does not exceed 200 and is not below 100 whereas in Bulgaria it “is under the 100 mark”.

Apart from Romania, Bulgaria was the country where “the most significant change was seen” as the number of approved acts decreased by 45% (76 acts) “compared with the figures in 2015/2016”. And it goes on to the main reason why this happened: “This was due to the ‘inactive’ period after the government’s resignation in which Parliament was dissolved for about two extra months in February and March 2017″…/IBNA