Rollingstone compares Trump with Seselj

Rollingstone compares Trump with Seselj

Belgrade, March 4, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Milos Mitrovic

Donald Trump, leading candidate of the US Republicans for the party nomination in presidential elections is a “killer in the making” and comparable to Vojislav Seselj (photo), head of Serbian Radical Party, according to the Rollingstone magazine author.

Recalling Seselj’s appearance with the gun in TV show in early 1990s, when socialist Yugoslavia collapsed, Aleksandar Hemon, Bosnian descent author of the Rollingstone text, notices that both Serbian nationalist leader and American businessman “say whatever comes to their mind, they will do whatever it takes to restore their nation’s greatness”. Commenting Seselj’s support to Trump, he writes that “Seselj is a natural Trump ally, belonging to the same global tribe of rabid nationalists and racists. And then there’s the fact that 1 million Serb-Americans are a valuable constituency, particularly in a state like Ohio, where a large number (about 400,000) resides. Presently, Trump might not know where Serbia is, but soon enough he might look it up”.

“What Šešelj has done for me, and what Trump might do for us, is expose a self-protective proclivity to dismiss the unimaginable as impossible. Accepting the possibility that someone like Šešelj (or Trump) could advance so rapidly from bombast to mass murder requires questioning the fabric of reality before it unravels and shows itself to be fragile and disastrously dependent on an assumed ethical consensus”, Hemon concludes.

Earlier this week Seselj announced that The Hague based International Criminal Tribunal (ICTY) for the former Yugoslavia has demanded his extradition in order for the SRS leader to be present at the verdict announcement on March 31. Seselj was held in ICTY’s detention center from 2003 to 2014 due to indictment for the war crimes in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Vojvodina. In 2014 he was temporarily released due to health problems. Seselj reiterated he would not “surrender” voluntarily.