Robertson: Skopje must receive an invitation for NATO accession

Robertson: Skopje must receive an invitation for NATO accession

Skopje, April 8, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Former NATO secretary general, George Robertson says that the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is ready to become a NATO member and must receive the much anticipated invitation.

“I believe that expansion must be part of the NATO agenda, but it must include countries that contribute toward security”, said Mr. Robertson today (08.04) in a press release issued to media in Skopje, reports IBNA correspondent.

Mr. Robertson suggests that this expansion “must not only include countries which will benefit from security, because this has always been a NATO principle which has been applied and will continue to be applied in the future.”

Robertson also warned about the danger of the Balkanization of Europe-the referendum for the independence of Scotland and the effect that it can have on Cataluña, Basques or Flanders.

Robertson warned that at a time when Russia is looking for opportunities to exploit Europe, disintegrating processes must not be allowed.

Former NATO secretary general has supported the resolution to back the accession of FYR Macedonia in the NATO, delivered by Kendis Miler, chairwoman of the Group for Friendship with Macedonia in the US Congress. This resolution has also been backed by 12 other congressmen so far. /ibna/