Europeans are settling to Bulgaria and Romania

Europeans are settling to Bulgaria and Romania


Review Hari Stefanatos

The financial crisis has resulted in many Europeans, attracted by the low land prices, to settle in Bulgaria and Romania in order to take advantage by the opportunities created by developing Europe.

Despite the fear in UK concerning a possible invasion of Romanians and Bulgarians after January 1 2014, the two countries are themselves accepting increasing numbers of foreigners from the EU countries.

One such individual, Matthew Willis, has made his lifelong dream a reality in the bulgarian capital city Sofia, by opening a second-hand book store. He says “I found it impossible to do so in England since the big companies killed the second-hand books and the small book stores”.

Another example is that of Richard Fox who opened a wine store in the romanian capital city Bucharest stating “according to me, if the Bulgarians and Romanians are willing to go to London, then they are welcome to do so”.

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