Riinvest: Agency of Statistics rigged unemployment figures

Riinvest: Agency of Statistics rigged unemployment figures

Pristina, October 1, 2013

Riinvest institute has reacted over the latest report of the Agency of Statistics of Kosovo on the unemployment rate in our country, published yesterday. According to the figures, unemployment rate for 2012 in Kosovo was 30.9%, while Riinvest claims that the figures have been miscalculated.

“Riinvest institute reminds the general public that ASK, in order to achieve a level of 30.1% of unemployment rate, states that Kosovo has 135 thousand unemployed people, 300 thousand employed people and 750 thousand non active elderly people. In other words, out of a labor force of 1.189.000, ASK excludes 63% of it from the calculation. This exclusion makes the final figure of unemployment rate seem low”, states the press release of this institute. According to the institute, these results not only show an impossible trend, but also show a damaging miscalculation for the verification of the economic situation so far in the country and the real difficulties faced by the citizens of Kosovo.

“Riinvest believes that the announcement of such figures causes fictitious opinions over the economic indicators of the country”, concludes Riinvest press release.

As far as unemployment rate in Kosovo is concerned, so far the figure is thought to be 45%, while an accurate measurement has not been made since 2007. When the figure of 30% came out, analysts became very skeptical. /ibna/