Rights of workers are not respected in Kosovo

Rights of workers are not respected in Kosovo

Although Kosovo voted the law on employment seven years ago, this law is yet to be fully implemented, especially in the private sector.

The lack of employment contracts, the long hours of work, birth leaves are some of the violations that employers in Kosovo make in their relations with the employees.

The head of the Unions of Kosovo, Haxhi Arifi says that the private sector is the one with the most violations in the employment contract.

“The most frequent violations occur in the long hours of work, the failure to pay salaries on time, the failure to pay extra time and holiday rates. Also, the provision on birth leaves is not complied with either”, Arifi says.

The amendments that will take place this year in the employment law are confirmed by the head inspector of the Labor Department at the Ministry of Work, Basri Ibrahimi.

“Employment law has been applied efficiently in Kosovo and this law regulates work relations. But, stakeholders have raised different problems which make the amendment of this law a necessity”, he says.

Violations in the employment law have also been identified in the latest study of “Riinvest” Institute, which says that over 80% of employees work in informal conditions. /balkaneu.com/