Resounding party signings and departures mark the 2015 snap elections in Greece

Resounding party signings and departures mark the 2015 snap elections in Greece

Athens, January 9, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

These elections will not go down in history only as the most critical in the post-junta period, but also as those that will be marked by the most resounding signings among the political parties and surprises that have occurred in recent decades.

Everything seems possible in this election, in a political landscape that seems to be constantly shifting to the most unexpected directions. And it is certain that on Friday, the deadline for the parties to table their ballots, there will be last minute surprises.

For all that, there are explanations: The failure to elect Stavros Dimas as President of the Republic, the forced resort to the polls on January 25, the re-election “anxiety” of some of the MPs, the rising of SYRIZA’s rates, the tough stance of the country’s partners, the incomplete negotiation, possibly the dictates of certain decisions centers are some of the reasons that led to extremely fluid current political landscape.

Division of parties, establishment of new party formations, and camp changes have in the last few weeks brought a complete overturn of the political scene.

The apparent win of SYRIZA based on all the polls, has led many MPs to rush to join its ballots, even those coming from unrelated ideological sides. Rachel Makri, Chryssoula Yatagana, (independent, former Independent Greeks MP) Markos Bolaris (independent, coming from PASOK) were some of the latter cases. None of the three, however, was ultimately included in the lists of Koumoundourou.

The prospect of a SYRIZA-led government and the faal in the polls of PASOK after the intraparty division caused by the new party of Giorgos Papandreou, has led some to turn to the New Democracy.

Two such examples are Angela Gkerekou and Vassilis Economou. The Deputy Minister of Culture, initially denied those who thought she would follow the party of Papandreou and announced on Monday that she would stay with PASOK. Three days later, however, she surprised everyone by officially confirming that she will be a candidate with the New Democracy in Corfu.

This caused the strong reaction of Eleftherios Venizelos and open a war with ND and Antonis Samaras. In his letter to the Premier, Papandreou described as “completely unacceptable and ugly for a city of culture, such as Corfu” the underground and secret movement of Angela Gkerekou from PASOK to ND. Gerekou herself said that between Venizelos and Papandreou she chose Samaras: “I was at a crossroad. Either become a referee in a strife, in an intraparty war, to the detriment of Corfu and the Ionian, or to make a new beginning, an option that I think it is necessary at this time”, she said in an attempt to explain her choice.

On Thursday, another “bomb exploded”: Vassilis Economou (Comes from PASOK and is an elected MP with DIMAR, from which he subsequently became independent.) voted for Stavros Dimas and announced that he is joining forces with the New Democracy and Antonis Samaras, occupying a position in the State ballot.

The choice of former Prime Minister Giorgos Papandreou to form a new party, the Socialist Democrats Movement, has had chain effects on the political scenery, in particular in the area of the center-left. Besides Angeles Gerekou, several close associates of former Prime Minister, such as Nikos Sifounakis, Kostas Triantafyllou and Pavlos Yeroulanos refused to be candidates with KIDISO.

Venizelos, as a comeback, made Giorgos Floridis head of PASOK’s State ballot. Floridis had distanced himself from the political scene and a few days ago had stressed the need for a new party formation of the reformist forces. With great interest is expected the announcement of the State ballots per county, where it is anticipated that there will be included names that will mark the “unity of PASOK and the Democratic Side”, in response to the “disruptive Papandreou move” as they call it.

A new party also established on Thursday the independent MP Vasislis Kapernatos, but he stated that he would not take part in these elections, while also out of politics are currently Yiannis Kourakos and Byron Polidoras.

If it can be registered as a surprises, it could be said that the party “Full Stop” of Apostlis Gletsos (former actor and current mayor of Stylis) joined the folk singer Katerina Stanisi.