Resignation of minister Jablanovic demanded, protests warned

Resignation of minister Jablanovic demanded, protests warned

IBNA Special Report

Pristina, January 15, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Minister for Communities and Returns in the government of Kosovo, Aleksandar Jablanovic has insulted protesters in Djakovica who didn’t allow Serb pilgrims to enter a church. Jablanovic called the protestors beasts. This declaration has irritated public opinion in Kosovo, representatives of political parties, NGOs, students and many other personalities who are demanding the resignation of the Serb minister, who continues to refer to the young state as Kosovo-Metohija.

The first reaction came from Self Determination, which held the protest against the minister with the motto: “Serb Fascism cannot go through here”.

This political force warned PM Isa Mustafa that if he doesn’t dismiss Jablanovic, massive protests will be held for his resignation.

The leader of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj has reacted against the declarations issued by the leader of the Serb List. The head of AAK has demanded from Jablanovic to apologize to the mothers of missing people and take his declaration back.

“The declarations issued by each member of the cabinet are a responsibility of the government and no elected official should utter insults, especially addressed to the mothers of the victims. It’s best if he apologizes to these mothers and for institutions to distance themselves from such declarations”, declared Haradinaj.

Reactions have also come from protagonists of the two parties in power.

Democratic League of Kosovo MP, Sadri Ferati said that minister Jablanovic should have apologized, otherwise, he should have been discharged by PM Isa Mustafa.

“A strong leader in normal situations should take normal action and the decision in this case was to dismiss him. But we don’t know if we’re in a normal situation. For as long as there’s no reflection by the government, I believe that Jablanovic should have apologized, in spite of the sanctioning that he could be subjected to”, said Ferati.

Another majority MP, Blerta Deliu-Kodra, considers the declaration issued by Aleksandar Jablanovic as insulting toward the mothers of missing persons. She says that everyone should defend mothers from Djakovica.

“We must defend mothers from Djakovica! Jablanovic’s declaration is one of the most insulting ones addressed to mothers of missing persons. Before he humiliates our mothers, the minister should apologize for the crimes that Serbia has committed in Kosovo, show responsibility for the return of the bodies of missing persons in Kosovo and distance himself from the criminal past of Serbia”, declared she.

Vllasi: Jablanovic apologizes if Vucic demands him

Prominent Kosovar analyst, Azem Vllasi has commented the insults articulated by minister Aleksandar Jablanovic against protesters in Djakovica, by saying that “if Vucic ordered him, Jablanovic would apologize for his disgraceful declarations against the people of Djakovica”.

“The lack of a sincere apology by Jablanovic, means that the Serb List can provoke Albanians and nobody is held responsible for this. If we look carefully into this, we will see that Vucic will not suggest to the Serbs of Kosovo integration in the institutions of the country where they live, but he will promise them that the Serb state will care for them and through his declarations, he aims for Albanians to be seen as opponents by the Serbs of Kosovo and not has fellow citizens”, says Vllasi.

Students demand the removal and arrest of Jablanovic

Union of Albanian Students and student organizations that operate in all public universities of Kosovo, demanded on Monday the removal and arrest of the Serb minister in the Republic of Kosovo, Aleksandar Jablanovic.

“The Union of Albanian Students, as the first and biggest student organization in the country, expresses its deepest indignation against the latest actions of the Serb minister, Jablanovic and his fascist and chauvinist declarations against the Albanian people and the mothers of the sons of this country”, reads the press statement issued by this Union.

“Such declarations have no place in a country like ours that has suffered, because they reopen the wounds and ethnic hate of the Serb people. Ordered by Belgrade, Jablanovic is heading into the wrong direction, by launching anti-Albanian messages and by not predicting further consequences that there may be”, reads the statement.

Jablanovic doesn’t apologize, PM Mustafa calls for calm

Minister for Returns and Communities in the government of Kosovo, Aleksandar Jablanovic said that PM Isa Mustafa has never called him for explanations about his declaration.

He said that he has not insulted mothers from Djakovica and that it was them who threw stones against him. Jablanovic said that he will not resign and that he will not cease on calling Kosovo “Kosovo and Metohia”.

“I have said it and I’m reiterating it. I have not called all the citizens of Djakovica beasts, but only a few people who have thrown stones against buses filled with Serbs and who wanted to visit the Serb church in Djakovica on Christmas”, said Jablanovic.

Following these reactions, PM Isa Mustafa has called for calm, because according to him, nothing is resolved this way.

“We don’t need to hold a campaign against the three government members of the Serb community. Up until a few days ago, it was the mayor of Gracanica who was elected by the people of this constituency. People born and living in Kosovo must take responsibility in the institutions of Kosovo”, declared Mustafa. /ibna/