Residents of Prizren object to the reinstitution of the mayor convicted by EULEX court

Residents of Prizren object to the reinstitution of the mayor convicted by EULEX court

Pristina, March 17, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

A group of members of the “For Prizren” movement has blocked today (17.03) the main entry of the communal assembly of Prizren in order to prevent the access of the mayor of Prizren, Ramadan Muja, who was convicted by EULEX court with two years of conditional imprisonment for abuse with office.

“The commune belongs to us and not the criminals” was one of the chants of the participants of this protest (photo), which was said that it will continue tomorrow too.

According to activists, given that the mayor of Prizren, Ramadan Muja has been found guilty in the court of first instance, he doesn’t deserve to hold his post.

Citizens demand from Muja to hand in his mandate and for president Atifete Jahjaga to announce elections for the new mayor of Prizren.

Police arrest protesters

The main entry of the Communal Assembly of Prizren has been blocked until police of Kosovo intervened and arrested the majority of protesters.

Three protesters managed to escape police, while the rest have been accompanied to the police station.

One of the organizers of the protest, Kastriot Jahja has demanded to police to immediately release the arrested citizens, while warning that protests will continue tomorrow in front of the commune.

The spokesman of the municipality of Prizren, Ymer Berisha has considered the protest unreasonable. He said that this is an interference with the court’s ruling. Berisha also said that Ramadan Muja will continue his work until a final ruling of the court.

LDK and BD support protesters

LDK of Prizren has supported the reaction of the citizens against mayor Ramadan Muja, sentenced for abuse with office.

“LDK of Prizren believes that city of Prizren cannot be governed by a mayor who was found guilty by the court”, states the reaction of this party. “The fact that we have a mayor convicted by the court is an insult for every normal citizen of this country”, further states the press release. LDK has demanded from Muja to resign as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Zafir Berisha’s party, Democratic Union (BD) is a subject which is supporting the protest against Muja. “The protest is a reasonable reaction by the citizens”, declares this party, which demands Muja’s resignation after he was found guilty for corruption.

“Democratic Union considers the protest in front of the municipality as a reasonable reaction of the citizens against those who breach the law and organized crime”, declared BD.

In anticipation of the ruling of the court of second instance

Mayor of Prizren, Ramadan Muja has been given a 2 year imprisonment sentence, with the condition that he must not commit any criminal offenses during the next 3 years.

He has been accused by EULEX for abusing with office along with 5 other local government officials. Muja’s also forbidden from exerting public functions for the next 30 months. This takes Prizren to extraordinary elections, if the second instance court upholds this ruling.

The other 5 officials have also been given conditional sentences. They are Minir Krasniqi, former director of Public Administration, who was sentenced with 1 year and 6 months of imprisonment, Kadri Ukimeri, former director of Geodesy, Sadik Pacarizi, former director of Urban Planning sentenced to 8 months, Avni Ademaj, former director of Geodesy and Cadastre with 5 months and Abdulla Tejeci-current head of Geodesy and Cadastre.

The reelected mayor of Prizren was accused two months ago by EULEX for abuse with local properties, which were under the management of the National Agency of Privatization.

According to the indictment, within a day, they turned into communal properties without any procedures or decision of the communal assembly, in order to then be transferred to a private company, a chocolate plant and Gulistan Turkish Educational Center. /ibna/