Republika Srpska announces international public tender for a motorway section

Republika Srpska announces international public tender for a motorway section

Republika Srpska Prime Minister Radovan Višković announced that the Srpska Motorways Company had declared an international public tender for the construction of the Vukosavlje – Rača motorway section, with a 45-day deadline applying for the interested companies.

Višković stresses in his SRNA interview that Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said that Serbia would participate with EUR 100 million in the direct construction of a 17.2-kilometer section of the Rača-Bijeljina motorway, with the cost estimated at approximately EUR 140 million.

The Prime Minister of Srpska explained that the tender envisaged not only the construction, but also the financing and preparation of technical documentation for the Vukosavlje-Rača motorway, divided into three sections: Vukosavlje-Brčko, Brčko-Bijeljina and Bijeljina-Rača.

He emphasized that a motorway connection through the territory of Republika Srpska is of strategic interest for both Banjaluka and Belgrade.

In his interview with SRNA, Višković stated that Government was working on the implementation of a number of other projects, among which the construction of the Trebinje airport, as well as the hydroelectric power plants “Buk Bijela”, “Dabar” and “Bistrica”.

Speaking about the economic situation in Republika Srpska, Višković said that the RS was in a position that could be deemed neither satisfactory nor unsatisfactory.

He pointed out that Republika Srpska had the best VAT distribution coefficient since the Indirect Taxation Authority was established.

Commenting on the migrant crisis in BiH, Višković pointed out that it was a very serious issue and a huge security problem for all citizens in both Republika Srpska and the FBiH, which few or almost no one had been dealt with at the BiH level.

In his opinion, the number of migrants coming to BiH is worrying in terms of security, but also because given the epidemiological situation. /ibna