Representatives of KLA veteran associations criticize the role of EULEX

Representatives of KLA veteran associations criticize the role of EULEX

Pristina, May 29, 2013

Representatives of veteran associations of the war and families of martyrs insist on the immediate departure of EULEX. This reaction has been sparked by the latest arrests that this mission has made with the members of the so called Drenica Group.

“We demand EULEX to leave Kosovo, because it’s stigmatizing the war of the Kosovo Liberation Army”, said the representative of the War Veteran Association, Xhavit Jashari.

But not everyone shares this opinion. Several analysts believe that this mission is necessary because local judges would not rule out fairly.

“Local judges would not be able to shed light upon those who killed civilians. Nobody could judge the war commanders”, said analyst Shkelzen Gashi. Gashi said that this has nothing to do with the fairness of the war, but with the individual crimes of particular people, who must face justice at any cost.

Meanwhile, the defending attorney of Sylejman Selimi, Tome Gashi continues to insist upon the fact that Albanians have not committed crimes during the war.

“I can’t deny the fact that during the war there may have been killings or incidents, but they cannot be considered war crimes”, said Tome Gashi.

Meanwhile, other analysts say that these arrests were trumpeted due to the fact that the defendants are people with high connections.

According to analyst Fadil Lepaja, this can be a way to remove from power several people that could not be removed in any other way. “If we want to integrate in the European Union, we must remove from power people who intend to remain in power forever”, said Lepaja.

Last Friday, EULEX in collaboration with Kosovo Special Unit has arrested 7 people suspected of war crimes. Amongst them are the mayor of Skenderaj, Sami Leshtaku and the ambassador of Kosovo in Tirana, Sylejman Selimi.

The majority of political parties have criticized EULEX for the arrests that it has made. /ibna/