Who would report the corruption?

Who would report the corruption?


By Natasa Radic – Zagreb

Results of an anonymous survey that was conducted among the employees of the Ministry of Justice showed that more than one third of employees would not report corruption if they have witnessed a corruption case. More than three-quarters persons taking part in the survey believe that in the case they would  report the corruption, they had to suffer the consequences.

More than a third clearly said that they would not report the corruption because of fear of getting fired, and the same number of respondents said that the reporting the corruption cases would not change anything. That the whole system is riddled with corruption – was the fact estimated by a quarter of respondents. Half of them has a great fear of mobbing.

The research was led by Head of the independent sector for combating the corruption Zeljka Buric, who was not surprised by the results. Among other things, the respondents were asked to answer the question about the ways in which, in their opinion, may encourage potential whistleblowers to report violations. More than 90 percent of respondents confirmed that it could be achieved with the strict protection of anonymity, and three-quarters of them believe that the whistleblower is supposed to receive financial compensation. Almost all of the respondents think that whistleblowers are not protected enough.

In a survey that was conducted, officials of the Ministry of Justice were offered the opportunity to present their views about the possible solutions to the problem of corruption and the protection of whistleblowers. Most of them think that in order to resolve the corruption problems, the successful prosecution and punishment of the perpetrators of these acts is needed, as well as the  restoring of the faith that good citizens should do good things, and by stronger legislation for the protection of whistleblowers and changing the consciousness of society. One part of those who were nswering the questions believe that financial rewards for whistleblowers are not acceptable, as this would increase the possibility of a false reporting.