Repatriation for 51 illegal immigrants

Repatriation for 51 illegal immigrants


Review Hari Stefanatos

A total of 115 policemen, a doctor and a nurse are escorting 51 illegal immigrants from Bangladesh back to their home country.

The charted flight that is scheduled to depart on Thursday 19 afternoon represents one of the biggest operations of its kind in Cyprus.

The 51 illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, who were held at a shelter, will be sent home following an EU program, while the costs are being paid by the EU solidarity funds (95%) and national funds (5%).

Police spokesman Andreas Aggelides told CNA that all the appropriate procedures are being followed by the police, namely the written consensus that was given by all 51 immigrants. The criteria with which the they were chosen include the fact that they are all from the same country and their lack of money needed to return.

Cyprus faces a massive flow of immigrants, political refugees and asylum seekers.

(Source CNA)