Religious extremism, police of Kosovo carries out other arrests

Religious extremism, police of Kosovo carries out other arrests

Pristina, September 17, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Police of Kosovo has continued to place under arrest people suspected of terrorism and propaganda for religious extremism in the country.

This morning, police arrested two main protagonists, imam Shefqet Krasniqi, who is also a leader of “LISBA” Islamic party and Fuad Ramiqi, known for spreading religious hate.

Sources from the police of Kosovo told IBNA that these people are being questioned.

IBNA has also learned that Police of Kosovo has arrested today in Mitrovica, the imam Ekrem Avdiu.

The same sources inform that the arrest has been made at his home. Ekrem Avdiu is an imam in a mosque in the Tavnik quarter. He’s also a member of the Kosovo Islamic Community in Mitrovica.


Police have also arrested in Mitrovica, Enis Rama, imam at the mosque of “Isa Beg” in Mitrovica and editor in chief of “Peace TV” in Albanian.

A month ago, police arrested 40 people suspected of participating in the fights in Syria and Iraq alongside terrorist organizations such as ISIS and Al Nusra.

Ramiqi, the party of whom has a religious character, is suspected to have persuaded young Kosovars to travel to Syria and Iraq to fight.

Kosovo is ahead of passing a bill which hands jail sentences up to 15 years for those who participate in foreign conflicts, which have a terrorist nature.

Islamic extremism led by ISIS has been considered as a global risk, therefore, democratic countries have called on all countries of the world to join forces in preventing evil. /ibna/