Religions must promote peace and diversity, says the president of Kosovo

Religions must promote peace and diversity, says the president of Kosovo

Pristina, 29 May 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

President of Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga has demanded to religious leaders in Kosovo not to abuse with the religion and to use it to promote understanding and tolerance between people.

“Religion cannot be used for any other purpose, but promote peace and love between each other”, Jahjaga declared in her speech held on the occasion of the opening of the global religious conference held in Pristina.

“However, at a time of challenges in terms of global security, we must come up with a joint reaction in order to preserve understanding and trust between people”, Jahjaga declared.

Jahjaga declared that for years in a row, leaders of different religions have gathered in order to join spiritually and demonstrate the value of cross religious dialogue and to show the importance of religious tolerance and harmony.

“With a long tradition of tolerance, harmony and religious cooperation, even in the most difficult periods of its history, Kosovo has built the basis for understanding, tolerance and harmony throughout the centuries and this tradition shows how difficult it is to ruin the values that people have jointly built”, Jahjaga said.

“The tradition of religious cohabitation, cultivated throughout the history of the country, enshrined in our Constitution, as part of human liberties, makes Kosovo a state which respects diversity and preserves peace”, Jahjaga said. /ibna/