Relations between Serbia and Ukraine deteriorate

Relations between Serbia and Ukraine deteriorate

Serbian ambassador in Ukraine Rade Bulatovic has been called for consultations, foreign minister Ivica Dacic declared today. The move follows the same action by Ukrainian foreign minister Pavlo Klimkin last week. Namely, Klimkin has called ambassador in Serbia Oleksandr Aleksandrovyich on consultations after the latter in an interview claimed that “Russia makes use of Serbia to destroy Europe”.

Earlier today the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine, according to media in Kyev, supported Aleksandrovyich’s claims. In recent interviews with Serbian media, Alexandrovyich said that Russia is using Serbia to destabilize the situation in the region, in particular, encouraging separatism in Bosnia and trying to influence fYROMacedonia. The ambassador also mentioned the Serbian mercenaries fighting on the side of the Russian armed formations in Donbas.

Serbia remains committed to building good relations with the Ukraine, based on the principles of mutual respect; however, it would not allow to become collateral victim of the international relations which are not in relation with Serbia, Foreign Ministry stated. “As it is known, since the outbreak of the crisis in Ukraine Serbia has repeatedly stated its respect for the territorial integrity of Ukraine; such position was confirmed during the Serbian OSCE presidency”, the Ministry underlined.

Serbia has also taken series of legal actions with regard to its nationals fighting in foreign countries including Ukraine “demonstrating its commitment to the rules of international law”.

At the same time, minister Dacic recalled that “Ukrainian mercenaries have taken part in crimes of the Croatian forces against the Serb people in Croatia… which Ukraine has never condemned”.

Dacic announced that he and ambassador Bulatovic would discuss “further activities with regard to the relations with Ukraine” in days to come. “The objective of the diplomatic missions in foreign countries should be the establishment of better bilateral relations”, Dacic concluded…/IBNA