“REK Bitola” thermal power plant faces problems

“REK Bitola” thermal power plant faces problems

Skopje, March 6, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Giant thermal power plant, “REK Bitola” in FYR Macedonia, is facing problems and for several days, it hasn’t been generating power due to technical damages. Since last week, the three blocks of this power plant have been blocked.

On Thursday evening, state owned power distribution company ELEM has been informed that the thermal power plant has been switched back on and has started to produce electric power.

“The thermal power plant is back and running again. Last night, one of its blocks has been switched back on, while another block is expected to be switched on today”, ELEM said, adding that the functioning of this power plant was stopped due to two problems with its two production blocks.

But, Macedonian opposition says that this thermal power plant is in total collapse and that the government has done nothing to modernize it.

“REK Bitola is in total collapse. Given that 80% of the country’s needs for energy are met by this plant, it’s clear that after the technical problem, power supply with a higher cost must be imported and in the end, the cost is paid by us, the citizens. If these blocks are not constantly working, then why have hundreds of millions of Euros that the government claimed that it was allocating for the reconstruction of this power plant, being used”, said expert for energy affairs, Vasko Kovacevski from SDSM (Macedonian Social Democratic Union). /ibna/