Registered unemployed persons down by 8.1% in January 2016 

Registered unemployed persons down by 8.1% in January 2016 

Nicosia, February 3, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

Registered unemployed persons in January 2016 declined by an annual 8.1%, figures released by Cyprus Statistical Service (Cystat) show.

According to the figures of the District Employment Offices, registered unemployed persons in January reached 45,969, marking an increase of 3.18% or 1,419 persons compared with December 2015.

Compared to January 2015 the number of registered unemployed declined by 8.1 or 4,070 persons, due to the reductions in the sectors of constructions (1,170), public administration (1,009), manufacturing (683), trade (594), financial and insurance activities (398) and information and communications (278).

Based on seasonally adjusted date, that portray the unemployment trend, registered unemployed declined to 41,600 persons compared with 42,252 in December 2015. This is the lowest number of unemployed persons since March 2013.

Male unemployed persons accounted of 50,86% with 23.384 person, whereas unemployment in women accounted for 49.1% with 22.585 persons.

The age group of 30-39 years registered the highest number of unemployed persons with 11,464, followed by the age group of 50-59 with 10,483.

Persons who completed general secondary education schools are the highest group in educational level with 18,404 followed by persons with higher education with 11,433 and persons who finished primary education with 10,849.

In terms of duration, the highest unemployment is registered by the 15 day – three months group with 17,484 persons, followed by the over 12 months group with 12,225 and three – six months with 7,296.

Greek Cypriots unemployed number 33,817, followed by other EU nationals with 8,996 non-EU nationals with 2,969 and 187 Turkish Cypriots.

Source: CNA