Refugees continue to enter FYR Macedonia

Refugees continue to enter FYR Macedonia

Skopje, 27 July 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Numbers of illegal emigrants coming from Africa and Asia and entering the territory of FYR Macedonia from Greece, continue.

Majority of emigrants have been accommodated in the temporary accommodation center of Gevgelija. Hundreds of emigrants come to this commune on a daily basis and they are offered first aid and other elementary services, but also a permit to remain in the country for 72 hours.

Authorities of this commune demanded more attention from the government and more police officers to register these emigrants and issue them with permits.

The local council of this commune has demanded for foreign emigrants, mainly Syrian, Afghan, Somalis, Iraqis and Pakistanis, to have their movement restricted, in order not to allow them to move in the central part of the city.

Ministry of Interior announced that during the weekend, rapid intervention units have been present on the border with Greece, in order to prevent illegal emigrants from entering the country.

But during September, an increase of foreign emigrants who will enter the country has been announced.

This warning comes from activists of ‘Legis’ association. Jasmin Rexhepi says that information on a new wave of emigrants have been received by activists in Greece. He calls on competent institutions in the country to think of a way to cope with the large numbers of emigrants.

“This means that Greece will be hit by a big wave of refugees and as a result, our country too. Our country will be entered by 4 to 10 thousand people a day. This would be a humanitarian crisis and I believe that competent institutions must think of a way on how to come with this wave of refugees”, Jasmin Rexhepi from LEGIS association says.

Representatives of this NGO travelled to Gevgelija to help 1 thousand emigrants who have entered the territory of FYROM.

“The situation is still dramatic. It’s very hot and many families with children are arriving”, Jasmin Rexhepi says.

During this year, around 17 thousand emigrants have been staying in Gevgejli and Kumanovo, in an effort to cross the border into the EU countries. /ibna/