Refugee returns have officially started. The first Syrians in Germany

Refugee returns have officially started. The first Syrians in Germany

Athens, April 5, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

The first immigrants were returned to Turkey from Lesbos and Chios, based on the EU-Turkey agreement, signed on March 18.

This is a total 202 people, who not applied for asylum in Greece, among them two Syrians, from Lesbos, who asked themselves to return.

The return took place through the port of Dikili with chartered vessels by Frontex.

The process of deportations will continue in the following period, in accordance with the provisions of the EU-Turkey Agreement.

At the same time, hundreds of migrants continue to land in the eastern Aegean islands. According to the summary status of refugee flows, in Lesvos landed 173 people yesterday morning, 74 in Chios, in Samos 89 and in Leros 3.

In Hanover the first Syrian refugees from Turkey

The first refugees from Syria landed Monday at Hanover airport. The implementation of refugee exchange program between Turkey and the EU has officially been launched.

The first 16 refugees from Syria flew with a morning flight yesterday from Istanbul bound for Hannover. With them traveled businessmen and tourists. Sixteen women, men and children from Syria landed at 8.30 in the morning at the Hanover airport. These are the first refugees benefiting from the controversial EU-Turkey Agreement on the management of the refugee crisis.

Just a week ago they learned that they will be allowed to move legally from Turkey to Germany. None of them wanted to talk or take pictures from the crowd of journalists who were in the airport arrivals hall. “They are all extremely upset and a little frightened. Everything happened very quickly”, said Corinna Wicher of the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).

Women covered with scarves and with bowed heads did everything to avoid the cameras. Most refugees went by looking at the floor. Only a gray-haired man smiled shouting “Thank you Germany”.

More refugees in the coming days

And while some young refugees seem frightened, with one of them hiding his face in his hands, three youngsters of younger live the trip to Germany as an adventure. An eight year old boy proudly pushes the stroller with luggage and greets the journalists with a smile. The group of refugees was accompanied under drizzle by police on a bus carrying them to the refugee center in Friedland, near Göttingen in Lower Saxony.

The first families of Syrian refugees that were transported to Germany were selected by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees as requiring special assistance. Shortly after, at noon, landed a second aircraft with a group of 16 more refugees from Syria. The newcomers will undergo tests in the reception center of Friedland and after they follow certain courses for their orientation in Germany, they will be distributed to municipalities in the Land of Lower Saxony.

While the first group of refugees was taken by policemen on the bus appeared a man holding a placard with the message “migrate elsewhere. Here there is no place to stay. Refugees are not welcome”.

However, according to a spokesman of the German Interior Ministry in Berlin, the next few days are expected to arrive in Germany and more refugees from Turkey under the Agreement with the EU.