Refugee crisis in FYROM continues

Refugee crisis in FYROM continues

Skopje, 31 August 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Large numbers of refugees from Middle East continues to swarm FYROM. According to the Ministry of Interior, last week, over 2 thousand refugees have traveled to Serbia through FYROM. But, according to a detailed report of the Ministry of Interior, since the start of 2015 until June, over 51 thousand refugees have entered the country.

Only 49 emigrants from Syria and Somalia have sought asylum, while the rest have traveled to other European destinations.

Refugees are temporarily stations in the refugee accommodation center in Gevgeli and then through organized transport, they travel to the border region of Tabanoc in the frontier with Serbia.

Humanitarian organization “Legis” declared that food is secured on a daily basis for a part of the emigrants, while they are forced to pay for their journey from Gevgeli to Tabanoc.

UNO issued a press release where it promised further aid for FYROM in relation to the refugee crisis. This organization says that it backs the request of the government of Skopje addressed to the EU and other international organizations to cope with the refugee crisis. /ibna/