Reforms must be advanced, says EU enlargement commissioner Fule

Reforms must be advanced, says EU enlargement commissioner Fule

Tirana, October 8, 2014/ Independent Balkan News Agency

European Union enlargement commissioner, Stefan Fule, declared in his address in front of the European Parliament in relation to the progress for Albania, that the country was recognized as an EU candidate for membership in June and that since that time, the government has shown political will in order to move forward with reforms that have to do with the European Union.

Fule praised the anti-narcotic operations taken place in Albania, by considering them as successful.

“We express our concern for the political climate in the country as a result of the boycott of the opposition. The government must enable the opposition to exert its democratic function of control. The candidate status requires more responsibility for the reforms, to see more results in the public administration and to make sure that this is done in full transparency, there must be political inclusiveness”, said Fule.

Fule stopped on the importance of strengthening institutions, while adding that the Balkan has seen a trend of opposition parties that have boycotted parliament, adding that the boycott is a strong political declaration, but which cannot offer a sustainable solution to the problem. /ibna/