Referendum is demanded on the issue of chemical weapons, opposition, motion for the Albanian prime minister

Referendum is demanded on the issue of chemical weapons, opposition, motion for the Albanian prime minister

Tirana, November 14, 2013

Situation in Albania has been tensioned following the reports of international media that USA has decided for Syria’s chemical weapons to be sent to Albania and for the process of destruction to be made there.

Throughout the country, protests are taking place by environmentalist organizations and opposition, but the number of participants remains low.

Meanwhile, in Tirana, the protests have been larger. Since Thursday morning, several thousands people have gathered in front of parliament, where the plenary session was going to focus on the chemical weapons.

Democratic Party in opposition has announced that it has deposited a request for a national referendum where the citizens can decide as to whether they want to accept chemical weapons into Albania.

In parliament, proceedings were blocked after women MPs of the opposition didn’t allow the speaker of parliament to carry one with the order of the day.

The opposition called for the prime minister to cancel his visit to Montenegro and Serbia and be summoned to parliament in order to offer explanations over the chemical weapons.

Albanians protest against chemical weapons

The protest against the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons in our country has started in Tirana and other cities of the country. As it was announced by organizers, the protest in the capital has started around 09:30 in “George Bush” St. in front of parliament, where many citizens have protested against the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons in our country.

Today’s protest has been big, as it was joined by high schools students of Tirana who have boycotted classes today to join the protest under the motto “Stop chemical weapons in Albania”.

Meanwhile, the majority of people were organized through social networks such as “Facebook” and “Twitter”.

Vice US ambassador: There will be high security standards

Vice US ambassador to Albania, Henry Jardine declared on Thursday from the border crossing point with Greece, in Kakavija, that the process of the destruction of chemical weapons is an international process with a high level of security and control.

“This issue will be treated with the highest standards of security and oversight”, said Mr. Jardine.

Basha: Referendum and motion for the prime minister

Leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha declared on Thursday that it’s been more than a week that Albanians have been alarmed for fears that Albania will become the destination of the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons.

Mr. Basha said that the opposition considers the arrival of Syria’s chemical weapons to Albania as unacceptable and announced the request issued by the opposition to hold a referendum.

“Democratic Party files at the Parliament of Albania a request for the holding of a national referendum on the issue of chemical weapons. For this vital issue, it must be the sovereign people which must decide, it must be Albanians who vote, from the first to the last one, but through them, children and newly born too, who will be tomorrow’s and eternal people of Albania, which we are obliged to leave it more prosperous and safer in all aspects”, declared Mr. Basha.

Along with the request for a referendum, DP parliamentary group has decided to file for a motion with prime minister Edi Rama. “The motion is requested to oblige Mr. Rama to offer explanations to the public about this affair of chemical weapons which has not only worried people, but has given Albania a very negative image”.

Berisha: Large countries refused them, Albania accepted them

Former prime minister Sali Berisha declared on Thursday, while outside parliament a protest was taking place, that the referendum is a democratic way and that no chemical weapons should be accepted.

“This import is being refused by the most developed European countries and these chemical weapons are being accepted by a man who can be considered anything, but a normal person, in a country which doesn’t meet the conditions for this process”, said Mr. Berisha.

The  democrat MP said that partnership with international partners will not be threatened. “It’s absurd to choose Albania which is an insignificant country on the map. Albania doesn’t meet any conditions for this process”, declared Berisha.

Skopje, “Say to no chemical weapons” protest

“Say no to chemical weapons” protest is being held in Skopje in front of the Albanian embassy.

The protest has been called by a group of people, who have distributed materials of propaganda in support of the protests and have also called for support through social internet networks.

Organizers have stressed that the protest is held to support the citizens of Albania who are against the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons in their country. “We’re all worried for the environment, health, our life and that of future generations. We protest against the incentive of the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons in Albania”, declare the organizers of the protest. /ibna/