Redgrave: Shame on you Europe

Redgrave: Shame on you Europe

Athens, March 31, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

The immigrants and refugees at gate E-1 of Piraeus port visited this morning the award-winning British actress Vanessa Redgrave, a known activist.

Redgrave spoke with refugees and immigrants, carefully listening to the problems they face. Many said that they want to go to Europe, but the borders are closed.

The British actress embraced many small children and welcomed many mothers, while in her statements she stressed that it is a disgrace for Europe and Europeans who do not accept refugees and many countries still have closed borders.

The award winning British actress, Vanessa Redgrave visited the clinic “Doctors Without Borders” at the gate E1.

Throughout her visit she tried to listen to as many stories as possible from the refugees.

Redgrave was moved listening to the story of a pregnant woman from Afghanistan on the long and difficult journey to Greece. The woman was hospitalized in the clinic of “Doctors Without Borders”.

The British actress was accompanied by playwright Martin Sherman and on behalf of “Doctors Without Borders” the programme coordinator of the Greek section Apostle Veizis.

Redgrave joins with “Doctors Without Borders”, supporting to their action.

Refugee march in downtown Athens

Rally in Omonia and march to the European Union office in Sofias avenue made the refugees, migrants and movements against racism.

A protest also took place in Piraeus. About 200 refugees, shouting slogans such as “Open borders” marched to gate E-3.

Closed for the 12th day the railway at Idomeni

Closed remains for the 12th day the railway line in the neutral zone between Greece and FYROM, where things at the moment are calm. About thirty people are sitting on the line.

Meanwhile, there are new posts in social media on alternative routes for refugees who want to continue their trip to northern Europe.

Such a post highlights Albania as a safe transit country and has already reached through messaging, at the mobile phones of refugees in the camp of Idomeni.

However, there are plenty of other posts warning refugees not to pay attention to such kind of messages, which are characterised dangerous.