Red Star Belgrade fans chant in support of Mladic

Red Star Belgrade fans chant in support of Mladic

“Several hundred Red Star Belgrade fans sang Ratko Mladic’s name and praised him as a hero during the club’s match on Sunday” while the players of the smaller, provincial FK Kabel club from the northern Serbian city of Novi Sad, entered the pitch of the Red Star stadium wearing shirts “emblazoned” with the convicted war criminal’s image, wrote Balkan Insight.

Hundreds of football fans “hung Serbian insignia, an image of Kosovo, and a banner with the face of Serbian nationalist Draza Mihailovic, leader of the Nazi-collaborating Chetnik World War II-era movement.”

The pre-game events took place three days after one of the team’s supporters published on the web, through a tweet, a letter of support sent by Mladic to the fans, a year ago, in 2016, asking them to renounce violence, and two days after the pronounced verdict against him had been heard in The Hague.

But, apparently, Red Star fans were not the only big Serbian team supporters who expressed their pro-Mladic emotions publicly. Also Partizan Belgrade fans did it, at an international match. The difference was that, since the game was not taking place on Serbian soil, the name of Mladic was not mentioned so that the club would not be fined by UEFA…/IBNA

Photo: Twitter