New record low for greek 10-year bonds

New record low for greek 10-year bonds


Review Hari Stefanatos

To a new record low receded today the performance of the greek 10-year bond. As shown by the data from the Bloomberg platform, the performance of Greek 10-year bond dropped to 5.57%, thus breaking the previous “record” which had been recorded on June 10 when the yield stood at 5.58%.

The rise in the price of greek bond reflects the overall positive climate in European markets after the statements by ECB head Mario Draghi, who sent a signal for loosening of fiscal rules in Eurozone. The yield of the corresponding German bond has dropped to 0.94%, resulting in the spread between the two titles standing at 4.63%.

In a similar trajectory moves the 5-year greek bond, which yield also dropped to its lowest level since the days of its issuance, namely at 3.88%.

(Source: Realnews)