Reconstruction of the government or the party?

Reconstruction of the government or the party?


By Marija Avramovic – Zagreb

After the great crisis in the ruling Social Democratic Party (SDP), a reconstruction of the government with which the prime minister Zoran Milanovic will respond to criticism from his own party that its leader can do a lot better, is becoming more of a certainty.

At the Main Committee (GO) of the SDP, held this Saturday, Milanovic may have won the battle, but it seems that the real war is yet to come. “Slobodna Dalmacija” daily writes that the current prime minister and president of the SDP decided to dissolve the disobedient party committee from Rijeka as well go through with a cabinet reshuffle.

However, it seems that his opponents do not plan to just sit back. The rebellious Rijeka and Zagreb branch of the party are trying to win the support of three other counties in order to initiate early elections for a new president of the SDP at the GO.

Reportedly, Milanovic’s opponents will attempt for the president of the GO Josip Leko to convene another session of the GO, as soon as possible, which will challenge Milanovic’s current style and manner of leading the party and the government. They are convinced that at the emergency convention of the SDP, which could be held in just three weeks, Milanovic should be dismissed from the party forehead as well as from the government’s and with a thorough reconstruction of cabinet reach the end of the term.

According to the SDP party statute, the session of the GO shall be convened by the president of that body, but if he fails to do so, fourth of GO members may convene it as well. This means that Milanovic’s opponents do not need Leko in order to call a new meeting of the GO and determine its agenda.

Croatian President Ivo Josipovic said that, under the Constitution, the President and Prime Minister are cooperating, but the reconstruction of the government is in the hands of the Prime Minister.

Late last night SDP vice-president Zlatko Komadina said for Croatian Radio and Television that a new session of the GO, which will show ‘Quo vadis SDP’, is in line. He concluded that the SDP without Slavko Linić and Mirela Holy is much weaker.

The president of the biggest opposition party, Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), Tomislav Karamarko also commented on recent events in the SDP. “A very unsuccessful government, a failed prime minister, and while I have long ago put our party through catharsis and survived, they still haven’t done so. You will see what is yet to surface after this split; this is a total schism”, said Karamarko.