We come out of the recession in 2016, Tsipras says on Canal+

We come out of the recession in 2016, Tsipras says on Canal+

Athens, January 14, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

Optimistic about the progress of the government and Greece, but anxious and troubled about the international situation appears Alexis Tsipras in an interview on French television channel canal +, while expressing confidence that “the government majority is sufficient for a clear and a fresh popular mandate” .

He adds that “we are one step before the first assessment and this step is completed with the implementation of pension reform” and notes that “those who insist that Greece does not proceed, they either do so intentionally because they do not want Greece to go, or do not know what is really happening”.

Referring to the international situation, he notes that “apart from the economic crisis, we are faced with the refugee crisis and the terrorist attacks that create a climate of instability and uncertainty. We face risks, fertile ground is being created to cultivate intolerance, racism, perceptions that will destroy Europe “, while he stresses that” it is time for a broad unity of the progressive forces of Europe for a change of course”.

Regarding the course of the programme, Tsipras stressed that the government has implemented a marathon of legislative interventions, from July until today. It has applied, implemented and voted more reforms than all previous governments together in the four previous years, with the main objective being the maintenance of social cohesion.

On Social Security System, Tsipras says that is a reform that the governments in the last 20 years did not dare touch, despite seeing that the Social Security System was heading to a dead end, with the bleeding of the pension funds and the explosion of black labour. For this we proceed with social responsibility, with emphasis on social justice and readiness to collide. That is what a leftist government in crisis conditions is all about.

The government majority is sufficient for a clear and a fresh popular mandate, emphasizes and adds that for the first time, we first we had a deal after tough negotiations, then we had elections and the Greek people knew what were the alternatives set before them.

He expressed confidence that Greece has every opportunity to emerge from the crisis in 2016, and notes that following the imposition of capital controls many believed that 2015 will close with a decline of 4%. And yet, it ended with no recession. We took a lot less money to recapitalise the banks than they had estimated. In six months from now Greece will passes to positive growth rates.

For the refugee issue, the prime minister stressed that it concerns all of Europe, and notes that the countries that are closing their borders keep an anti-European stance. Host countries, he adds, should be supported and at the same time, we must stop this drama with the drowning of hundreds of people every day in Europe’s seas, the Mediterranean, the Aegean.

On the fate of the country and the government’s tactics, Tsipras says that the Greek government is giving a battle of values, as a pioneer in the struggle to shift the balance in Europe towards a progressive direction, and stresses that an important chapter for the country is culture; not the laurels of the past, but the culture that is currently being produced in this country and which can serve as a modern identity, but also a real ambassador of Greece and Hellenism worldwide.