Reactions in Skopje after Brexit referendum

Reactions in Skopje after Brexit referendum

Skopje, 24 June 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Reactions followed today in FYROM after the referendum in Great Britain, where British people voted in favor of leaving the EU. President of the country, George Ivanov said that he fears that the European Union may follow former Yugoslavia’s steps. “In circumstances of a crisis, countries are becoming selfish, right wing radicals are emerging who are blaming refugees and Muslims and Islamophobia is emerging”, said Ivanov, adding that FYROM will carefully follow the developments after the referendum, where 52% of the British people voted in favor of leaving the EU.

FYROM’s Foreign Minister, Nikola Popovski said that Brexit means a loss for the Balkans and FYROM, because Britain was a great supporter of the process of the enlargement of the Union. Popovski said that Macedonians must continue to act in the best interest of the country, being competitive and included in the richest joint market in the world, in order to create better work opportunities and improve living standards for the people.

The departure of Great Britain from the European union caused lots of turbulences in financial markets, but without any impact in FYROM.

This was said today by the Governor of the Central Bank in FYROM, Dimitar Bogov, adding that there has been a significant decrease of the pound against the euro, but this situation will not have any major effects on the Macedonian economy or on Macedonian citizens who have deposits in sterling. /