Reactions in Skopje after Ivanov’s decision

Reactions in Skopje after Ivanov’s decision

Reactions and debates have been prompted following the decision of president George Ivanov not to mandate the leader of the Macedonian Social Democratic Union (SDSM), Zoran Zaev for the creation of the government.

The leader of SDSM, Zoran Zaev said that Ivanov is ignoring the will of the majority of people and is not helping for a smooth transfer of power.

“He has caused a constitutional crisis by ignoring the will of the majority of voters and is not helping for a smooth transfer of power”, Zaev said among others, calling for Ivanov to withdraw his decision.

Meanwhile, BDI’s leader, Ali Ahmeti posted a message on Facebook, saying that the joint statement of the Albanian parties following the 11 December is not a threat for the Macedonian state and its aim was not to cause ethnic based divides.

According to Ahmeti, Albanian parties are not to be blamed for the crisis in FYROM and he demanded all Albanians to maintain their composure.

“I would like to invite Macedonian political parties to restrain themselves in their declarations because our society is very sensitive”, Ahmeti said.

Alliance for Albanians has also reacted by stressing that Ivanov’s decision was more like a speech delivered by an activist of the ruling party than a president of the country, who must serve the interests of all the citizens and not allow the situation to escalate.

BESA Movement, one of the parties which has supported Zaev with its seats, has declared that Ivanov is breaching the Constitution.

“We call on the international community, United States and European Union to take into account the fact that Ivanov’s decision is a potential threat for the Albanian community in Macedonia, therefore we call on them to intervene in restoring rule of law and guarantee peace and security for all the citizens”, BESA Movement says.

Meanwhile, VMRO-DPMNE has not issued an official reaction, but sources within the party say that Ivanov’s decision is constitutional.

Experts on constitutional affairs have also been divided in their position.

The former Constitutional Court justice, Trendafil Ivanovski said that Ivanov is in breach of the Constitution and acted against state’s interest.

“Parliament must be convened as soon as possible and must elect a speaker and then a government. Ivanov’s decision is anti-constitutional”, Ivanovski said for IBNA.

Professor of constitutional law, Tanja Karakamiseva considered Ivanov’s decision as a fair decision.

“Ivanov acted as a statesman. Not only he did not breach the Constitution, but he showed how state’s interests are defended. Had he acted differently, he would commit treason, like Zaev, who attempted to introduce a foreign platform to destroy the country”, Karakamiseva said.

Today, the EU head of diplomacy, Federica Mogherini is expected to arrive in Skopje. The senior EU official will meet with president Ivanov and representatives of parliamentary political parties. /