Reactions among Albanian parties on the “Gorna Makedonija” proposal

Reactions among Albanian parties on the “Gorna Makedonija” proposal

The latest proposal for FYROM’s new name, “Gorna Makedonija” has been contested by Albanian parties. According to them, this name, which is being proposed to be used without being translated, is not acceptable for Albanians. Ziadin Sela of the Alliance for Albanians says that they are against any tendency to come up with a Slav name.

“We’re against proposals for names in the Macedonian language, such as the case of “Gorna Makedonija”. We are against it because this is a tendency to appropriate the name”, Sela said.

Artan Grubi, advisor to the leader of BDI, Ali Ahmeti said during the weekend, following the meeting brokered by the UN envoy, Mathew Nimetz, that the name must reflect the multi-ethnic character of the country.

“Macedonia is my country and the country of hundreds of thousands of other Albanians. Macedonia belonging to just Macedonians is a concept which doesn’t exist and Albanians cannot be ruled out of this vital process for our common future”, Grubi said.

The Forum of Albanian Intellectuals in FYROM has sent a letter to international institutions and the office of the UN envoy, Nimetz, demanding the proposal “Gorna Makedonija” to be ruled unacceptable without being translated, because this excludes Albanians as the second largest community in the country. /