Rare charges brought in Albania against 8 prime ministers of the past 25 years

Rare charges brought in Albania against 8 prime ministers of the past 25 years

Tirana, 4 September 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

A citizen from Durres has pressed charges against 8  prime ministers of the country who have served in office after 1990. For the retired man, Nikoll Prenga (photo), the eight heads of the government have damaged the country for 25 years, destroying factories, plants and by increasing the number of unemployed people.

The eight prime ministers of the post communist period have been sued at the District Prosecution of Durres by a resident of the city, the General Prosecution confirmed.

The Prime Ministers who were sued are Aleksander Meksi, Ylli Bufi, Vilson Ahmeti, Fatos Nano, Ilir meta, Pandeli Majko, Sali Berisha and Edi Rama.

According to the charges that have been brought about a year ago, the heads of the governments are accused of causing serious damages due to the closure and the destruction of production plants in the country. The prime ministers are also accused of being responsible for the unemployment in the country and the disappearance of gold from the state treasury.

This is the first case where a citizen presses charges against prime ministers of the post communist period for the damages caused to the country. The charges have been pressed in 2014 at the General Prosecution, which is the institution in charge of investigating senior officials.

But, the charges were passed to the Prosecution of Durres, which in 23 July 2014 suspended the case for lack of power.

In June 2015, the Supreme Court ruled that the General Prosecution is “obliged” to launch inquiries based on the charges pressed by the citizen against the eight prime ministers.

This court has once again sent the charges pressed by Nikoll Prenga to the General Prosecution.

Under these circumstances, prosecution is expected to launch an inquiry on the heads of the Albanian government from 1991 until 2015 on the way that they have governed the country and who, according to the citizen Prenga, they are responsible for the difficult situation that Albania has gone through in the post communist period. /ibna/