Rama-Ponta: Romania supports Albania’s integration

Rama-Ponta: Romania supports Albania’s integration

Bucharest, November 27, 2013

In the framework of his visit to Bucharest, prime minister of Albania, Edi Rama was received in a meeting by the Romanian prime minister, Victor Ponta. During this meeting, the two personalities talked about strengthening bilateral relations and boosting up joint efforts for regional and European projects of development.

Premier Rama thanked his counterpart Ponta for hosting an activity in the framework of the strengthening of cooperation between countries of the region.

“I’m very proud to represent Albania on this important day in the path of progress of the central and eastern Europe. I’m also happy to be here next to an old friend and an inspiring role model for me in the governing of the country. I praise this example that the prime minister of Romania is giving, showing that not only it’s possible, but it’s entirely possible to face the crisis successfully, not at the burden of people in difficulty, but by providing facilities for people in difficulties, enabling the economic growth of the country”, said Rama.

On his part, premier Ponta said that the current majority in parliament in Albania enjoys a strong support and the government must turn the development of the country into a program.

The strengthening of bilateral relations, especially economic ones and the exchange of experience in order to advance in the process of integration were some of the main topics of the meeting.

Considering Romania as an example for the progress in the European integration, premier Rama said: “We can learn from Romania’s path toward European integration and I’m very happy to have found open doors in the government of Mr. Ponta in order to obtain all the necessary experience and expertise. There’s still a lot to do in the bilateral relations. There’s still a lot to do in order to boost up economic cooperation and Romanian enterprises have a lot of opportunities to invest in Albania and succeed. This is why I have invited the prime minister to visit Albania as soon as possible along with a group of representatives of the Romanian enterprise in order to see the opportunities that exist in order to increase cooperation between the two countries.”

On his part, premier Ponta said that the Romanian government supports Albanian’s European perspective and it’s ready to offer new impulses to the economic cooperation between the two countries.

“Romania supports Albania in its European path and for the opening of negotiations with the EU. Based on these new relations that have established, we are thinking to establish such relations even in the domain of economy”, said Premier Ponta, underlining that he will visit Albania along with a group of Romanian businessmen. /ibna/