Rama-Meta trilemma

Rama-Meta trilemma

IBNA Op-Ed-De-oligarchization of politics has mounted tension and cast suspicions in the relations between Rama and Meta

By Prof. Dr. Kastriot Islami

In spite of what impression he has tried to leave in the media recently, PM Edi Rama, but also the speaker of parliament, Ilir Meta, that there are no problems between them, the reality is different.

In essence, their relations are problematic. Everything that came out on the media in August (broken relations between SP and SMI, SP and DP coalition, etc), have been part of Rama’s  propaganda/marketing, but also part of Meta’s reactions conveyed by his representatives.

In reality, this mainly comes as a result of Rama’s TRILEMMA, who is getting ready “to sacrifice Meta”, who is very clear on this and is prepared on any counter action…

Rama’s trilema and the sacrifice called Meta

This is also the essence of the mounting tension between Rama and Meta, which are hard to find respite, in spite of a potential  tactical/Machiavellian withdrawal by Rama from the attack that he has programmed; relations which will lead to the dissolution of the coalition…

At first glance, it’s absurd to think that Rama could start a conflict with Meta, when together they have a considerable power  and lots of room to agree on the division of power.

Rama and Meta find themselves in a “trilemma”: on one side they are obliged to conduct the process of “de-oligarchization” under pressure and on the other hand, they are asked to at least condemn one big “fish”, in order for the process to be considered as acceptable and thirdly, if this doesn’t happen, the loss of elections in 2017 is almost certain, while if this doesn’t happen, stigmatization against them will be big.

Rama believes that the only way to get out of this trilemma is to sacrifice Meta; this way, he would be considered “ a clean anti-olygarchic politician” and as such, he could remain a factor for “a big coalition between SP-DP without SMI”, an idea which he’s been pondering for a while and which is being spread by him saying that “it’s impossible to govern with Meta”, although he masks it as an idea or demand/need coming from the opposition or abroad.

*Member of the Albanian Parliament, former speaker of parliament, former foreign minister

** The opinion of the author doesn’t necessarily represent IBNA’s editorial line