Rama and Meta elect the head of the Tcham party

Rama and Meta elect the head of the Tcham party

Tirana, 21 May 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

Leader of the Party for Justice, Integration and Unity (PDIU), the party that defends the rights of the Tcham community, has been voted today by the left wing majority as the new deputy speaker of Parliament.

Immediately after this, the other deputy speaker of Parliament, Vangjel Dule announced his resignation from this post.

These consecutive developments came a few weeks after PDIU decided for the first time in many years, to join the left wing and leave the right wing majority.

The entry of the Tcham party was objected by PBDNJ (United Human Rights Party). Its leader, Vangjel Dule (photo) announced his departure from the governing coalition if the left wing entered a coalition with the Tcham party.

This happened and Dule started his public declarations for a gradual departure from the coalition.

And today, when the head of the Tcham party was voted by Rama and Meta and their lawmakers as deputy speaker of Parliament, Dule announced his resignation from this post.

In a letter sent to the speaker of Parliament, Ilir Meta and the heads of the parliamentary group of SP, Gramoz Ruci and DP, Edi Paloka, Mr. Dule announces his resignation from the post that he held for nearly two years as part of the governing coalition.

“The reason for my resignation is the turning of institutions as “a good” which can be exchanged in the market of fluid alliances, a phenomenon which is against my principles, understanding and political responsibility”, says the leader of PBDNJ in his letter. /ibna/