Rama calls for new memberships in the Socialist Party

Rama calls for new memberships in the Socialist Party

Tirana, 1 December 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

Leader of the Socialist Party of Albania, Edi Rama, who leads the government, launched a public appeal for massive accessions in the party that he leads, in order to advance reforms.

Rama’s appeal was launched from Berat, where he was present in the framework of his tour “Let us clean Albania”.

The head of the Socialist Party said that although the government has been working intensively in the past two years, these meetings do not aim at advertising these works. “We’re not here to parade our achievements, although they are clear. Our reforms will bring more results, but they need a stronger boost. For this, the SP is aiming to gather in its ranks individuals from different social domains to achieve this”, said the PM, who is also the head of the SP.

Mr. Rama says that the SP aims at increasing the number of its members, by continuing to be the largest political party in the country. “We are aiming to make the number of members 150 thousand and in this aspect, we must look toward youth. But it’s necessary not to impose any age boundaries for this”, Mr. Rama said. /ibna/