Rama “advises” Serb students: Speak well of Albania in Serbia

Rama “advises” Serb students: Speak well of Albania in Serbia

Tirana, 8 October 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

“We want to be friends” was the highlight of the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama’s speech during a meeting with 60 excellent Serb students who have been invited to follow the football match between Albania and Serbia in the Elbasan Arena stadium, accompanied by their Albanian fellow peers.

“This is the first meeting in history between common people of both countries. We’re not enemies, on the contrary. In the football pitch, we’re opponents, but in life, we want to be friends”, Rama said.

“I’m sorry that yesterday, a 14 or 15 year old boy threw a stone against the bus of the Serb national team and this shows how much there’s still to do and that in spite of the next generation, your generation, is thirsty of change and brings the dreams of a new world. The risk of nationalism, of hate and exclusion is always present within every other generation”, the Albanian PM added.

Rama reiterated his known declaration that “Albania and Serbia can do for the Balkan what France and Germany did for Europe”.

“We want a European Balkan and completely transformed”, Rama said. “Albania is a country which is difficult to visit for the first time, but whoever comes here, always returns. I’m sure that you are thinking of returning”, Rama told to Serb students.

The prime minister also talked about the success of the joint project with Albanian students and wishing them to have a good time in Tirana, he “advised” them to speak well of Albania once they go back to Serbia. /ibna/