Rama: A new Albanian airline company

Rama: A new Albanian airline company

A new Albanian airline company. This is the project that Prime Minister Edi Rama publicly presented today in the presence of the head of the Board of Directors of the Turkish Company, Ilker Ayci.

According to him, this airline will bring a new era in the airline sector in Albania.

“Our objective was to create a new Albanian airline. In today’s meeting, we saw that we’re close to the finalization of this project and we’re hopeful that within this year, we will start the first flights”, the Albanian Prime Minister added among others.

He also said that the quality of air transport and the cost of tickets for Albanians who move abroad, but also those who come back to the country is high, therefore this reality must change.

According to Rama, the opening of a new airport in Vlora and of another one in Saranda will normalize the current situation. /balkaneu.com/