Pulse poll shows New Democracy on track to win majority

Pulse poll shows New Democracy on track to win majority

An opinion poll conducted by Pulse on behalf of SKAI TV put main opposition New Democracy ahead of SYRIZA by eight points, with a general election in Greece set to go ahead 7 July.

Specifically, when deducting for valid votes, the survey put New Democracy on 35% with SYRIZA on 27%, followed by the Movement for Change on 7%, the Communist Party on 5.5% and Golden Dawn on 4.5%.

According to the poll, the left-wing DiEM25 party – led by former Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis – and ultra-right-wing party Greek Solution would also elect MPs to the House, with 3.5% and 3% of the vote respectively. The Union of Centrists party currently polls at 1.5%.

Analysis of the opinion poll’s findings shows that the Kyriacos Mitsotakis-led New Democracy is edging closer to being able to form a standalone government. In the event that six parties win election to parliament, New Democracy would command a majority of 156, while its majority would be slimmer (152) if seven parties manage to elect deputies.

Moreover, according to the survey, 33% of respondents were in favor of the conservative party forming a standalone government, with just 12% saying the same for SYRIZA. A coalition government led by New Democracy is favored by 15%, while an administration led by SYRIZA in coalition with others is backed by 19%. A grand coalition between the two parties is supported by 13%.

As the election draws closer, voters increasingly expect New Democracy to win. Pulse said 71% believed New Democracy would triumph over SYRIZA, while just 18% expect the Alexis Tsipras-led party to win re-election.

Kyriacos Mitsotakis is also seen as a better fit than Tsipras for the role of Prime Minister, with 36% choosing him over the incumbent Tsipras (28%). A total of 32% said neither was suited to lead the country.

The survey, which was conducted amid growing tensions between Greece and Turkey, also showed that 82% of respondents believe the Tsipras administration should have briefed opposition parties about Turkey’s latest provocations./ibna