Public opinion in FYROM divided over the issue of the name change

Public opinion in FYROM divided over the issue of the name change

Borce Kimovski is one of the people who participate in every protest against the change of his country’s name. “We don’t come out here to protest, but to protect the country’s name. Nobody gave us this name and nobody created it. This is why this name should remain sacred for us”, Borce says. According to him, there’s no point entering NATO and the EU if this is conditioned with the name change.

But, Irena Milovski, a student activist, has a different opinion. She says that a solution must be found for the name and the country must move forward.

“I think that there should be a solution. This name doesn’t pose a threat, but opens many doors for us. We want a better future, more jobs and we don’t want to have to leave the country”, Irena says.

The young Albanian journalist, Ardian Memeti is also in favor of the name change. “We’re only wasting time and each day, things are becoming harder and harder. Let us close this chapter with a name which doesn’t harm anyone and which is acceptable for everyone”, Ardiani says.

According to a public opinion poll carried out last month by the Institute for Political Studies based in Skopje, 38,2% of people in FYROM would accept the idea that the country changes its name for the sake of NATO and EU accession. Over 47% were against, while 14,7% answered “I don’t know”.

Meanwhile, last night, PM ZOran Zaev said that there is optimism and that the government is making efforts to end the open contest with Greece. /