Public and the beast

Public and the beast


Paying taxes to a corrupt government is not patriotism, but slavery. Even worse, it would be the same thing as feeding “the beast”.

In Albania, this “beast” is hungry. Albanians have been called to pay taxes for a service more than once, to pay taxes where they shouldn’t pay and not benefit any services or quality after the regular “ripping off” with taxes for every whim that the beast has and in the end, to be mocked by the people in power, because for as long as they vote them, they deserve everything.

Every day, Albanians face choices being made on their behalf for which they have no knowledge. If, up until yesterday, Albanians had great hopes on a single party controlling everything, today, they are convinced that this party is being swallowed by the “beast”.

It’s been months that Albanians are listening the International Monetary Fund asking the government to stop the 1 billion project of PPPs. Reasons? The institutional framework for the management of concessions remains unsuitable. Services our outsourced without a clear analysis between the costs that citizens pay and the benefits that they bring. There’s still no concrete list of the priority projects. The government simply approves the proposals made by the private sector, without having a clear strategy and without holding public tenders for them. In order to enslave all generations of Albanians, every payment to the private sector that the state will postpone, will turn into a bigger debt for Albanians, their children and their children’s children. Neither the experience of countries with similar problems as ours which have suffered the consequences of the abusive practices of the Public-Private Partnership, nor the constant calls of the IMF that the state is not yet clear on how to divide the risk with the private sector as it should do; nor the calls regarding the source of money entering the economy; nor the alerts given by international institutions, similar to the ones given during the period of the Ponzi schemes, which were disregarded by the government of that time; nor the Report of the European Court concerning the audit of PPPs, considering them as an unhealthy financial and economic form to manage public investments and their risks, by recommending EU member states not to promote their use until identified problems are identified, cannot stop this government in its mission to outsource everything in the country.

Where does all of this self-confidence of the people in power to promote serious compromising situations, against the functioning logic of the European Union, come from, at a time when the only aim for it is to open accession talks with the European family?

Once this government falls, there will no longer be  state, but a principality of oligarchs within a country without identity.

To receive a medical service, an academic formation, to escape natural disasters, to receive a service, to swim in the sea, to put your feet in the river or lake, to obtain disability or social allowance, we need to address to the beast, which will even offer air in the form of concession. Let us recall once again if we don’t want to experience modern forms of slavery, that the beast doesn’t seek permission when eating the zebras. The beast does not warn and the zebras do not feel it getting closer.