PSD to file non-confidence vote against its own Government

PSD to file non-confidence vote against its own Government

Grindeanu, ousted from the party

Dragnea blames crisis on ‘coordinated professional plan’

The Social Democrat Party (PSD) will file a non-confidence vote against its own Government. This is a special procedure, a first for a Romanian party to sack its own Cabinet. The censure motion is to be filed on Monday in Parliament, PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea announced on Thursday afternoon at the end of the National Executive Commitee meeting. The censure motion will be voted on Wednesday.

The Social Democrat leaders convened for a special meeting at the party’s head office today to discuss the situation. Journalists who came at the PSD main HQs to report about the National Executive Commitee meeting were banned to enter the courtyard and they remained behind the fence, on the sidewalk.

The other main decision was to expel Sorin Grindeanu from PSD.

“More colleagues, many of them, have proposed to expel Mr. Sorin Grindeanu from PSD, it was a decision unanimously passed“, said Dragnea.The SocDem chairman also stated that, considering the speed of staging support actions of Sorin Grindeanu, which are illegally occupying Victoria Square, “it’s clear that we talk about a plan in perfect tune“, “a professional coordination“. Yet, Dragnea says he doesn’t know who “is behind”.

Talking about the non-confidence vote, Dragnea pointed out: “I regret it, but this is where we’ve come up. If this political crisis hadn’t chopped in (…) maybe we would have been at Cotroceni Palace today for consultations“.

Dragnea claimed that as a matter of fact, there have been some ministers who would have wanted to leave the Cabinet two-three months ago due to the lack of communication in the Government.

All ministers’ resignations at PM’s cabinet

So, despite the ministers’ resignations today, PSD found itself in the position of not being able to propose a new premier if the current one, Sorin Grindeanu, didn’t resign.

All ministers of Grindeanu Cabinet have filed their resignations on Thursday. Sources say the resignation arrived at PM Grindeanu’s office. The premier has 15 days to take note of them and to send them to the Presidency.

President Iohannis is the one who signs the revocations decrees, meaning that resignations will come into force only after president Iohannis signs the revocation decrees.

Resigning Interior minister, Carmen Dan, a person close to PSD chair Liviu Dragnea, stated that “at the moment, the premier is alone”.

PSD&ALDE have enough votes together to topple down gov’t by non-confidence vote

According to the Romanian Constitution, sacking the Government is possible through the adoption of a non-confidence vote in the Parliament’s plenary sitting, with the vote of the majority of deputies and senators.

The non-confidence vote can be initiated by at least one fourth of the total number of MPs. 116 signatures are needed from the total of 464 lawmakers.

233 votes in the Parliament are needed for the censure motion to pass, and PSD and ALDE already have together 247 MPs and they need no further support from other parliamentary groups.

A censure motion filed early next week could be voted in eight days at the most since it is tabled in Parliament.

At the moment, PSD has 221 MPs, PNL has 98, USR has 43, UDMR has 30, ALDE ahs 26, PMP, also 26, minorities have 17 MPs and there are another three independent lawmakers./IBNA