PSD proposes woman of Turkish origin as Prime Minister. Liviu Dragnea says it will be their only proposal

PSD proposes woman of Turkish origin as Prime Minister. Liviu Dragnea says it will be their only proposal

Social Democrats proposed Sevil Shhaideh to be the Prime Minister of Romania, said PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea after leaving the consultations with President Klaus Iohannis.

Sevil Shhaideh was the one who replaced Liviu Dragnea as the minister of Regional Development in 2015 after the Social Democrat resigned from office after he had been convicted in the Referendum file.

Dragnea said that “for now” he couldn’t ask this position for himself.

“An unfair sentence and deeply unconstitutional  law didn’t give me the possibility of asking this position for myself for now,” Liviu Dragnea argued.

Social Democrats went together with ALDE, the alliance partner to the consultations with the President at Cotroceni Palace on Wednesday. Their proposal for the PM seat is thus endorsed by ALDE as well.

The suspense related to the Social Democrat Party’s PM proposal was huge, with the name being secret until the last moment.

Before entering talks with President Iohannis, Liviu Dragnea said he had been given the National Executive Committee’s green light to present the party’s proposal for the premier position. Asked if the PSD CExN members knew that name of the person to be proposed as PM, Dragnea denied.

However, the PSD chairman warned that he would not make another proposal for the PM seat in case President Iohannis turned it down.

„I will not make another proposal. If this one is turned down, we see each other somewhere else,” Dragnea said, hinting to the parliamentary and constitutional procedures that may follow the President’s potential refusal to name the premier at the first try.

“If this proposal is denied, lacking a constitutional or legal reason to be turned down, then we’ll understand that it is not desired that those who won elections and have majority make the Government. It’s useless to forward a second proposal,” Dragnea added.

In his view, Sevil Shhaideh has “recommendations” for the prime minister position: working capacity, administration management, development vision and a very good expertize on European fund absorption.” “Sevil has a high authority, too high sometimes,” he noted.

Dragnea denied all rumors that he will actually pull the strings at the Government.

The PSD chairman informed that if the premier is designated this week, there will be a Government next week.

“We don’t intend to star any conflict, but if our action, out legitimacy granted by the vote are not observed, then we’ll act accordingly. However, I am counting on the President’s good faith and we wait for him to exert it in the upcoming days. I will not generate any war, but I have never run away and never will from the battle field,” Dragnea concluded, adding that the discussion with the head of state was pretty normal and steady.

Asked by the journalists why he proposed a person of ethnicity, considering that he has been ironizing Dacian Ciolos for his middle name “Julien” and that the PSD electoral campaign focused on slamming the foreigners’ “danger”, Dragnea answered that the question represents “a huge grossness”.

“Do you consider that Sevil Shhaideh is not a Romanian citizen?”, Dragnea asked the journalist who asked the question.

“I do, but do you consider that Dacian Ciolos is not a Romanian citizen?“, the journalist replied.

“Please, answer this question. Otherwise, it’s pointless to ask this question. Sevil Shhaideh is a Romanian citizen who has all rights,” Dragnea said.

Who is Sevil Shhaideh?

Sevil Shhaideh is 52 years old, belongs to the Turkish minority ethnic group and is Liviu Dragnea’s and Nicusor Constantinescu’s goddaughter. However, Liviu Dragnea denied the information when it was released in the media, saying there is no such term in the Muslim religion, and he was just witness at her marriage.

She was Director of Information Systems in Constanta County Council during 1993-2007, and then, until 2012, she led the Projects Directorate of Constanta County Council. She was appointed secretary of state with MDRAP in 2012, after Liviu Dragnea was appointed Minister.

The office of Development Minister became vacant after Liviu Dragnea resigned on May 15, 2015 the day he was sentenced to a year of suspended sentence in the case of fraud in the referendum of 2012 for Basescu’s dismissal.

Sevil Shhaideh is married to a Sirian citizen and according to the wealth statement, among others, the family owns three buildings in Syria, one in Latakia and two in Damask./IBNA