Provocations on the Serbian Statehood Day in Sarajevo

Provocations on the Serbian Statehood Day in Sarajevo

The sheet of paper with the skull and crossed bones depicted was put up at the main entrance of the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in the BiH capital, Sarajevo, on Wednesday late afternoon, on the eve of the day when Serbia celebrates the Presentation of the Lord as the Statehood Day.

Under the drawing, the unknown perpetrator(s) had written the insulting phrase “Četnici kostobacani” (in free translation: “Chetniks bone throwers”). The Serbian Ambassador to BiH, Stanimir Vukićević, said to the media that the incident occurred on Wednesday between 17:30 PM and 18:00 PM. Embassy employees noticed the hand-made poster and called the police. After an investigation in the scene of the incident, police took the small banner for analysis. Vukićević said that it is very possible it is linked with demonstrations of the Bosniak Movement, which took place in the front of Embassy on Thursday, on the Serbian holiday. The event gathered a small crowd of demonstrators who protested against the signing of the Declaration of the Serbian nation’s survival, which was agreed between Serbia and the Republika Srpska, the BiH entity with a Serbian majority.

Vukićević stated that there was no reason for the “skull and crossed bones” incident.

“Neither the Embassy nor the State of Serbia have done anything; nothing that could justify such a reaction. The reason could be today’s celebration of the state holiday and that the perpetrators wanted to show the mood of one part of the Bosniak population who do not want good Serb-Bosniak relations, who wish (to have such) incidents rather than the normalisation of relations between the countries in the region, primarily between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia,” Vukicevic told the press.

He added that the Embassy in Sarajevo would raise its level of security, as it is usual practice after such incidents and announced demonstrations.

Republika Srpska president, Milorad Dodik said that this is the worst provocation against Serbs since the end of the war.

“This unprecedented provocation is yet another proof that Republika Srpska has no place (for Serbs) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which, for the Serbs, has become unbearable to live in; they have to seek their freedom in some other place, not in BiH, if we want to avoid insults or provocations and live a problem-free life,” said Dodik to media in Belgrade, where he participated in the Statehood Day celebration.

He added that the fate of the Serbs and Republika Srpska are “totally uncertain and hardly sustainable in such a BiH, because they are suffering a huge damage, their freedom, identity, dignity and calm life are under attack”.

Dodik said that the war-mongering messages from Sarajevo that could be heard outside the Serbian Embassy on Thursday, during a day of celebration for Serbia, clearly showed who disturbed the peace and stability in BiH and the region.

“This is happening at a time when Serbia, headed by President Aleksandar Vučić, offered a hand of reconciliation (to BiH) on several occasions, wishing for the relations with BiH to be in the spirit of stability, friendship and mutual understanding,” noted Dodik.

He concluded by saying that the latest events in Sarajevo meant that no politician in the capital could offer their hand to Vučić because there were obviously no true advocates of peace, neighbourly relations or stability.

The provocation was condemned by many politicians including BiH Minister of Foreign Affairs, Igor Crnadak…/IBNA